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Himalayan Orphan and Helpless Children Education Project Nepal   -   H.O.H.C.E.P.N


You are nine years old, you were born in a Tibetan village in the area of Langtang or Ganesh Himal, District Rasuwa, Nepal. For two years you have been without father or mother. You are living somewhere, your future is uncertain and without hope. You have no chance to change that situation at all.

The “Himalayan Orphan and Helpless Children Education Project Nepal” (“H.O.H.C.E.P.N.”)  was founded to bring those children to Kathmandu.

To provide accommodation, food, clothes, medical care etc. But what brings hope to the children is not only the fulfilment of basic needs, but apart from that to get the possibility to obtain education.

The initiative was born from within the Tibetan community itself, starting with the first orphan and the foundation of the project in 2006. Till May 2007 the number of children has increased to 37.

Due to the lack of financial support the project in early 2009 had to be resized and different solutions for the children had to be found.

(See: “Project History” >>).

Now the project takes care for 27 children:

6 children are living with the family of Tenjen and Nyima in Kathmandu, 13 children are separated across 5 different places in Kathmandu, 6 children are living in Syabru Bensi on their own and 2 are living in Dhunche. All of them are visiting schools.

The orphanage is in the centre of Kathmandu.

A small rented apartment with 3 rooms, a kitchen and a bath-room is the home of these 11 people. It takes 10 minutes to walk from Kathmandu’s tourist centre Thamel to reach the house around the corner of the Tahity-Square

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A day in the orphanage:

At 6 a.m. the children are getting up for tea and morning prayer. They do their homework for school. They have breakfast around 8 a.m. After cleaning their rooms and dishes they go to school at 10 a.m.

Depending on their age and class they are back home at 2 or 4 p.m.

After lunch they have some time to play before they go back to self studies or they have to help with daily house work. At around 7 p.m. they have dinner and soon it is time to say good night.

Tenjen and Nyima, the main people behind the “Himalayan Orphan and Helpless Children Education Project Nepal” (“H.O.H.C.E.P.N.”) do their best to provide the money for living and the school fees for all the internal and external children. Their income is not enough by far.

Therefore we are mainly searching for individual sponsors to support specific children for the duration of their education.

Also one-time donations are appreciated and used for the benefit of all children and elderly in need.